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What is Start Up Raw

Start up Raw is about showing people a way to create a livelihood online.  The future of financial survival will be a briefcase, laptop, web connection and a website that offers service.  Statistics show that 8 out of 10 companies close in two years.  Companies already cannot compete with online companies like Amazon.  Amazon does not purchase products, they are supplied with other peoples products and they lack labor costs with automation processes in place. 

The two costs that companies must control are labor and inventory costs to stay open.  Amazon does not  contain inventory costs and they are thin on labor costs.  The software, machinery and systems of automation solve their labor problem.  Besides any holding costs for inventory is billed to the people that house their products in Amazons warehouse.  The point is this is only the beginning. 

Robots are the future of jobs.  There already are fully functional robotic hotels, servers, and others functions that are not being reported.  Korea has 737 robots for every 10,000 jobs being performed right now.  Software and freelance will eliminate the rest of the jobs.  Don’t kid yourself, college degrees are already worthless people just don’t know it yet.  By the way, I have a bachelor degree. 

Companies have leases, insurances, payroll taxes, utilities, building maintenance, and plenty other costs.  The days of employees are limited and jobs will be scarce.  You need to Start an online website with blog now before jobs are replaced with robots, software and outsourcing. 

You don’t have time to think about it.  Here is why!  No more employees, no more payroll taxes.  They will need revenue.  When jobs are scarce, they will need another source of revenue.  They will enforce an online tax.  People that try to start something online for their livelihood will need to pay the tax or they will be shut down.  You will need to figure out what to do, who to sell, time it takes to get a customer and taxes to operate. 

Why do I tell you this?  Because I care about whether people can feed their families.  I have done missions in neighborhoods made out of cardboard, garbage tops, scrap built over dirt in other countries.  I watched these kids playing in trash with hazards all around them in these areas.  We went shack to shack to feed these people and to bring the gospel to them. 

This cannot happen here!  If no one has a paycheck, then people see and or experience it happen.  Look at what a housing crisis did to millions here in only two years.  Imagine a job scarcity from, robots, software and outsource replacement.  

I am telling you to forget what you were taught to go to college, get a career and a 401k.  Those days are limited and 401k’s will be wiped out.  Why do I say that.  Without job, you cannot grow a 401k.  If companies are closing then stocks will be affected in bankruptcy.  Stock crashes will result and confiscation will occur. 

What do you need to know to get started.  

You should keep working your job while you run your company on the side.  If you can stop working to go full time, then you should consider allocating a year worth of bills to get by until you start to see cash flow. 

Starting a company is going to take time, commitment, consistency and hard tedious work. You are going to be doing the same repetitive things over and over.  You are not going to feel like doing these things over and over until you start to get paid.  Not sure what to do?  Start Here!

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About Us

Well between the both of us, we are degreed with Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations, Communications and Theology. We are certified with two certifications in Human Resources with a decade of experience and ran companies for 18 years.  We are the authors of three books and multiple books in the works.  We created 15 tool kits and three results journal books.  We created start up program; own three companies; and run a ministry.   We flipped four houses for average of 84% return cash on cash. 

Why we exist as a company

We are dedicated to serving people by putting out quality content and tools for their financial success.   Our goal is for cash flow to fund the Gospel to bring people spiritual life in Christ as well.  Our mission is for you to reach your mission in life.  Start Your Journey Here!  Subscribe below. 

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