About Martin

Hi, I’m Martin!  I have a B.A. in Theological studies and leadership.  As a full time minister on staff in 2006, we wanted to start something to fund our call to testify the Gospel.  I Left staff after Hurricane Katrina. 

We managed to flip our home for a profit, because we were one of the few that did not flood for Hurricane Katrina.  We did receive damage.  We were gone for six weeks from our home for Katrina.   

The housing crisis hit and we were unemployed for 2 years.  If it wasn’t for surplus, we would not have gotten through that period.  I wanted to start a company.  My 10 years experience running companies as manager and general manager was valuable in teaching me about the time demands of running brick and mortar. 

I taught myself web coding in 2010 and started working online for cash flow.  Launched my first online business in 2012.  The first few websites flopped. 

There was a few years of no cash flow from online work.  However, I was able to flip a few houses between 2010 and 2015.  The returns were 84% cash on cash.  These lump sums of profit allowed me to continue my education and experience online. 

There was one website that started creating cash flow.  I was relieved that the experience started to pay off.  My relief was short lived with this website. 

I was sabotaged by a domain company.  I was learning the online game.  I did not know some of the tactics that domain companies can pull with domain names. 

I switched companies.  The old domain company locked up the domain until it expired even though I paid the another company for the domain renewal.  They kept telling me that it would transfer, but when it did not transfer.  The told me if I wanted the domain name that it would cost me two thousand dollars for the domain. 

I dug my heels in and said I am not going to renew it.  I just finished writing my first book as well at that time.  My computer was hit with a virus that crashed my hard drive the next day. 

The computer company could not retrieve my files off the hard drive.  I lost the book and my files for the website that was sabotaged.  Let’s just say that I learned a lot about computer security, backing up files and how to work on computers.  I lost years of work.  

Creating cash flow online from scratch is not for the weak or the weary.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of gurus out there that regurgitate the same nonsense about how to succeed online.  I found their knowledge to be useless.  I stop listening and started working an action guide that I created to be consistent with the work.   

Things turned around for the good when I Launched Good News of Jesus Christ site and then startupraw.com.  We also have a Human resources website.  I did a lot of offline selling, phone selling and business to business selling. 

I am currently editing four books for launch.  Running companies, reading hundreds of books  and failure led me to success.  I created the online system for others to succeed online, because I don’t want others to experience hardships of starting from scratch online without the correct guidance.  Since 2015, we have been free from the 9-5.  I just got off of a two year traveling ministry tour.  We are focusing on launching serious amount stuff for 2018.        

Why we exist as a company

These companies exist to support the evangelism of the Gospel of Jesus to glorify Jesus.  I am dedicated to serving people by putting out quality content and tools for their financial success.   The goal is to use the cash flow to fund the Gospel to bring people spiritual life in Christ as well.  Our mission is for you to reach your mission in life.  Start Your Journey Here