How To Choose & Design Word Press theme?


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Step 1

You will need to login to your website by typing:  Put in your username and password for your email that you used to sign up to Word Press.  You will see the dashboard for Word Press.



Step 2

Scroll down to appearance and click on theme when it pops out.  You should see themes and a add new button. 

Theme for wordpress

Step 3

You will click, “add new”.  You will see themes on this page to choose.

theme for wordpress 2

Step 4

You will want to select a theme from the list or upload a theme by clicking the upload theme for one on your computer that is saved in downloads.

theme for wordpress 3


Step 5

The theme on the left is what you will see if you already did this process.  The one on the right, you will click to select the theme.


Theme for wordpress1


Step 6

Click the blue button on the top left hand side: install.  You will see a page with the button activate.

theme for wordpress0

Step 7

Click: activate.  You will see a button to customize.

theme for wp1


Step 8

Click: customize.

worpdpress theme

Go down the list of scroll downs on the left to customize your website.  Put in your website title, slogan and logo.  Pick the color for your website.  Click save at the top.




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