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Follow these steps


The first thing to do is to Click Blue host: , “Get started now”.  This button will take you to this page below!

Blue host is one of the oldest and most trusted webhosting companies with an exceptional reputation.  Blue host 1

Step 2

You will need to select a plan for your Webhosting.

Step 3

There are two options:

  1. You will need to select a FREE new domain.
  2. Select that you want to put a domain name in that you own.  (You will need to point this domain name that you own to Blue host from your registered website).  Blue host has a page to guide you in the process.

Blue hsot 2

Step 4

You will need to fill in the blanks below with the options for your length for plan.

blue host 3


Step 5

Fill in the credit card and check terms.  Click Submit.

blue host 2


Check your email to get your confirmation email with username and password to log in.

blue host 4

How to set up Word Press

Step 1

Go to Mojo Marketplace section and click on one click installs.

bluehost 5

Step 2

Click on Word Press.

bluehost 6

Step 3

Click install.



Step 4

Choose the domain name for website.

bluehost 1

You will need to fill in the email, username and password.  Check box after you read terms. Click button below.


You will see a progress bar show up and then a complete.  You sometimes are provided with the username and password upon completion.  If not, you will need to go to email to get your username and password.  Go to your website:  Word Press box will show on screen to log in.

Why Word Press?

Why you should create a website with a Word Press blog?  It is Simple to work!  What is Word Press?  Word Press is a Content Management System that is created for the beginner to feel confident with putting content out the first time that they publish content.  You will know how to use it after doing it once.  You simply:

  • Type your title
  • Type your article
  • Picture
  • Click publish

Word Press is like a word document, you type and publish.  You don’t need to know code; this is why they created plugins.  You don’t need to create a design; there are 2,087 themes to pick for free.  What do you do with themes and pages once it is installed Word Press?  Follow the steps below, I will show you.  I created tutorials of everything that I do with my Word Press websites.

First 5 things to do to Word Press

Step 1: Design your Website with Word Press blog

Do You want to design your website?  You don’t need HTML code.  Pick a theme.  Log in to your word press dashboard:  Scroll down the left side to appearance:

  • Click on the pop out that says theme
  • Pick a theme from 2,087 free themes

Do you want a walk through?  Click this link to look at the process: How to choose and design your Word Press theme.


Step 2: Set up plugins

Scroll down your dashboard left side panel to plugins.  Click add new.  Do you need forms?  Type forms in the search box.  Click enter.  Select one or go to the footer to select from a list of categories.  Click install.  Activate.  Go set up your forms.  Do you want a walk through?  Click this link to look at the process:  How to install word press plugins.

The first thing that I do is upload my tools.  Tip: The reason why I do this step first is that sometimes themes may not be compatible with certain tool and it can cause problems with the website like errors.  You want to ensure compatibility and then concentrate on content.  You will need the SEO tool for your posts and pages.  Here are the set ups to complete before you write anything:

  1. Yoast SEOYou will need to set up your posts and pages under where you type your content.  You will need to fill in the title, keyword and meta description.
  2. W3 Total CacheYou will need to clear your cache from time to time or your website can perform slower.  You should configure this tool.  Watch a tutorial on this tool.  There are features that you should learn.
  3. Contact 7 form- You will need a form for people on your contact page.
  4. Blubrry Powerpress- This tool will provide you with a place to upload your podcast to on the bottom of your posts where you type in content.
  5. Tube press- Put a video gallery on your website of your YouTube or vimeo videos.
  6. Smart slider 3- This will allow you to put slides on your website without any way for people to leave your website when the slide is finished.

Step 3: Permalinks

You need to scroll down to settings and click on permalinks.  You will come to permalinks settings page.


Click on post name.  You will see a box behind your website domain name: If you do not see this: /%postname%/.  You need to put this there.


Click save changes.

Step 4: Tips for Pages

What should each page contain?  The page should contain a title with your keyword.  You should place the title at the top of the content as a <h2> header.   You should put a picture that takes up the top of the content.   The first paragraph of the article should contain the keyword.  You should bold or underline the keywords that relate to the topic beside the one that you use in the title.  Place the keyword in the ending paragraph.  You should place links from your website any place that you can in that content.  Place a video, graphic or slide when possible in content.  These are the new standards to get traffic and page rank to your content.  Watch your grammar and your spelling or you will not rank well.  The content should be consistent with your niche topic.

Step 5: Create your Pages 

Place your logo and Slogan on the front page.  Place a sign up form on the top of the page with a free offer for sign up.  Place what your website does for your target audience.  Your front page can be a static page or you can let your posts show up on the front page under customizer.  You can go to settings and click reading to set the home page as well.  Be creative.

The first pages that should be created:

  • Home Page (Loading Page of your website)
  • About (You and the Company)
  • Contact Page (How do people contact you or the company)
  • Start here or Get Started Page (One popular page that shows results)
  • E-commerce website: Service, Product or Resource Page

Your website should express what it is about and what it does for visitors.  The average person leaves a website within 30 seconds unless you get their attention.


Google Analytics

You need to set up your analytics, web master tools and sitemaps.  You need to sign up for Google analyticsYou need to add a website property.  You will need to find the tracking code.  Follow the steps below.

How to Find tracking ID or code snippet in Google analytics

You need this code to track the analytics in your website. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics account
  2. Click Admin tab
  3. Click the account: The drop down menu will show the property.
  4. Click the property (Website that you want tracking)
  5. Under property, click tracking information-tracking code

Here is what you will see through the process:

Compliments of Google Analytics Support this is a snippet of the steps above.

snippet from

This is the page that you will be on when you follow the steps above.

 google analytics snippet from

What do you do with the JavaScript above in box one?

  Here is the word press page for the plugin.  Log into your word press website.  Go to the plugin page and add new.  You want the: header and footer.

Go back to the website to settings and click on the tool.

header and footer

You need to go to Google Analytics to grab your java script to paste into one box below.  Click save.  You may be prompted to verify your website or to check that the code is in the website.  You can manually place the code in the pages that you publish or place it here once.

header and footer snippet

You need to set up your webmaster tools and sitemaps

You need to set up your categories under posts there will be a scroll out for categories.  The Yoast SEO plugin under settings will show created sitemaps for your pages, posts, categories and feeds.    You can go to Yoast SEO to get your security keys to set up Bing, yahoo and Google webmaster tools.  You will need to create accounts to receive security keys for each search engine to paste them in to yoast.  You need to get your sitemaps in Yoast settings: copy and paste each one into Google, Bing and yahoo.  Click update.

How to create cash flow from your blog?

Here are six ways that you can start to create cash flow until you create your own product or service.  There are thousands consistently receiving cash flow from these methods.  These strategies below worked for me as well.

It is a fact that the more money that people receive, the more money that people will spend. There are two phases that I list below to ponder.  Insanity is defined as, “Doing the same things all of the time with an expectation that results will change.”  The second phrase says, “Success is measured in the velocity and degree that a person is willing to change the way that they do things.”

You should cut spending.  Here are some tips to cut spending.  You do not want to spend the extra cash flow, you want to put that cash flow into your self to learn what to do to create cash flow.  How to promote a service or product that will create extra income on the side.  Here are the strategies are:

What kind of services or Product can be sold to make money on the side while you work?

            Step 1: What are some ways that you can make money on the side?  Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for extra income.  The benefits of affiliate marketing are that you do not have to store inventory, package or ship the product.  You can receive a commission on each sale.  The typical percentage that is paid out is around 4% to 8%.  If you become an affiliate for a person’s product, then you could make up to 75% for the sales that track back to you.  Are you new to this?  The way it works is that you find a product that people want to buy, and then you will receive a link that your audience can click on.  The link has a tracking cookie that tracks every person that clicks and buys from the product link.  This is a list of affiliate companies:

You can start creating cash flow with these platforms.  You need customers.  How do you get customers?  You need to set up roads that lead to a landing page.  You will need content that is good to lead them to this page with a sign up form to capture an email for a free offer.  You need a list.  You can send email campaigns to your list to lead them to your affiliate offers.  Why do you need  an email list for your online website with blog?  68% of people that visit your website will not come back to your website.  The average person does not purchase until they come across your offer 5-12 times.  Your email campaign is critical to your success online.  Get your landing page and email responder set up with these steps.



email auto responder

think landing pages

Think Landing pages

You need to be able to create roads to your website that can land on a designated page to convert those people into email list.  You need a landing page to accomplish this process.  The point of a landing page is for people not to be able to leave the page unless they back out of the page.  Psychology shows that when people only can do one of two things that they will respond.  When ever they see options that are available they can not choose.  Landing pages demand a response.  There are no menus, links or side bars to exit.  Create sales pages, funnel pages and get leads.

I trust think landing pages for my landing pagesDon’t pay $250 yearly or $50 a month for so called, “# 1 landing pages”.  Rip off.  Think landing pages is affordable ($29 for one site or $49 for every site) without the monthly charges to keep your landing pages like those other services.  The developer is advanced with experience building multimillion dollar software.  Point: The plugin works.  The plugin is customizable and works with the email auto responders in the market.  I built dozens of landing pages through multiple hosting, themes and get results without one problem.  You can’t convert me off this recommendation.

Try think landing pages

Do you want to know how to set up your landing pages: How to set up think landing pages


Why I chose Aweber

Trial offer speaks of confidence and experience

I started with $1 for the first month; now you can start your 30 day trial for free. Do you want to know something?  Aweber is an experienced email service that went through the period of working out the problems that these newer services are dealing with solving right now.  I don’t want to pay for service that still needs work.  I am running a company.  I need experience and reliability.  I get that with Aweber.  I did not experience a single problem with Aweber in the years of service.


You cannot start with another service for a cheaper price with experience and reliability. I tell you another thing; they are not going to let you try for free.  Wonder why? Hum!  They do not trust that you would stay.  No question that price and assurance of delivery of emails is what you need.  Get that now.  Get Aweber.


Mail chimp suspended my account calling a free offer spam: unreliable. Aweber emails get delivered.  The other problem with services is that they allow duplicate emails without restricting IP from first sign up.  When emails get delivered to the same email account two times, you could be flagged as spam.  We are paying for emails to get delivered and competitors cannot get this right.

98% deliverability is there boasting. That is what I am paying to get.


Aweber lets you set up unlimited lists and other services do not. You can send unlimited emails.  No charge for usage.


There are other services that are complicated to set up. Aweber is very easy.  There are resources to walk you through.  Do you want professional campaigns?  There are templates for forms and campaigns that are professional. 


You can create a pop up, place forms in the side widget. There is Facebook and twitter features, and with shopping carts.  You can automatically email blog posts, campaigns and check data to see what they open up.  You get an idea of what they want to read and do not want to read.  The support is great.  You can talk to someone at Aweber instead of through an email.  Try 30 days  with aweber free: #1 email auto responder.

Payment Processor and Product Delivery Tool

Do you want to set up a E-commerce website or to sell products that you create?  You need two tools to accomplish this goal.  You need to deliver digital products that are file protected until they are purchased to be downloaded with a link that you can set to expire that is created for that purchase.  You can do this with Easy digital downloads.  This is a free tool.  Set up PayPal for your processing.  PayPal is free and they charge a fee for each payment processed.