You can create an extra income in your spare time at your own pace.  You work around your schedule.

The starting up cost is low.  The operating cost is low.  The possibility of success is great.                                       

Control your life, time and schedule.  Go anywhere and create cash flow with your laptop.


Startup Raw shows wonderful people just like you a low cost, low risk way to start up their own website with Word Press blog that creates passive income.

This is cash flow that pays you without your effort or presence in the process. 

What passive income is NOT: trading your time for Dollars.  Here is the process online explained!  You create a something that you sell in an automated process online.  When the offer sells through the automated channels that you set, then you receive the cash in your account without your effort or assistance in the process. 


I’ll show you how to make a website with just those skills

Pick A Domain Name → Select Web Hosting (Both Done Together) → Install Word Press (One Click)

You can start for as little as $4.00 for the webhosting and receive a free domain name with your registration.  Your discount is in your first sign up, so I recommend that you take advantage of the 50% discount by getting as many months as you can. 

The total cost for the year is $319.00 with all the tools.  If you averaged out your costs, this is what it would look like financially.  The monthly cost to run your online company is $26.00 with a yearly cost of $319.00.  Your daily cost is .87 cents.  You can start your online website that creates cash flow for under a Dollar a day.

Note on affordability: Minimum Wage varies from state to state.  Let’s say it is $8.00 an hour.  A person on minimum wage will cost them 3.15 hours a month or around 8 minutes of one hour of their wage a day to start an online website that creates cash flow.   AFFORDABLE!  ANYONE CAN AFFORD TO START UP!

My Total startup Cost

I started my online website with WordPress blog with all the tools below in 2012 for $114.00.  My yearly expenses were $300.00.  I made more than that in monthly AdSense alone my first year.  I had other streams of cash flow as well that year.


There are three billion people online from 1995 to 2015. The estimation is that another 3 billion will be online by 2020. You have the ability to access this global community online. One thing to keep in thought is that not everyone is your customer.


Let’s say your goal is to replace your current salary of $100,000 annually

Let’s say that you plan to offer an entry level offer, expensive offer and a monthly membership for sale.  The prices are $17, $27 monthly and $197. 

Let’s do the calculations!

43 Total weekly divided by daily is 6

You need 6 customers daily

Do you think that you can sell 6 offers daily? 

In order to sell 6 offers a day:  You need 200 targeted customers daily to sell 6 at 3% conversion!

What’s the chances of reaching 200 people a day online?

There are 3 billion people online now!  You need to reach ten thousandths of 1% of what is available online daily: 0.00001%.  There will be 6 billion by 2020!  Statistics will be 0.0000000001% by 2020 daily that you need to reach!  Really! Only 200 targeted daily!

3 sales cover yearly expenses!

Ready to get started

Essential #1:

Word Press Website

blue host
Blue host is easy to set up. Get started for $3.49 with a free domain name with web hosting service. One click Word Press set up. Not Sure What To Do!  Walk You Through The Process: Click here

Essential #2:

Create Customer List 

think landing pages 

Think Landing pages is the ultimate tool for creating professional landing pages.


Aweber is my most recommended for email list management.

  Essential #3:

Ways To Create Affiliate Commission

Commission Junction-

Amazon Association-

Google Affiliate Network-

Click Bank-


Ecommerce & Digital Offer Tools 

Do you want to set up a E-commerce website or to sell products that you create?  You need two tools to accomplish this goal.  You need to deliver digital products that are file protected until they are purchased to be downloaded with a link that you can set to expire that is created for that purchase.  You can do this with Easy digital downloadsThis is a free tool.  Get woo commerce for tangible products.  This is a free tool.


PayPal is online payment processor to set up buy now buttons and to receive payments that is trusted around the globe with the latest encryption.

what do you do from day to day to get you to your goals. 



The STARTUP TO PROFIT 250 MINUTE DAILY PROGRAM is a non stop action plan to ensure your success.

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