Start A Podcast On WordPress

Step I: Signup for hosting for your podcast.

  • I choose to control my own podcast through WordPress. Hosting company I recommend is green geeks. Signup for a free domain name with hosting account here: green geeks (Affiliate Hosting Link)
  • Install one click WordPress
  • Pick a theme
  • Create podcast homepage, about me page and contact me page
  • Install podcast plugin
  • Set up your podcast settings: title, description, upload podcast art and setup feed. Submit feed to iTunes, Spotify, amazon and YouTube.
  • Download audacity to edit podcast

Step II: Purchase podcast hardware.

Microphone $99.00 (Amazon affiliate link)

Mudder Microphone Cover $7.99 (Amazon affiliate link)

Yeti Arm microphone stand $22.00 (Amazon affiliate link)

Step III: Make your podcast episode

I record on my pc computer as a video. i convert the video to mp3 player. I upload the mp3 player to WordPress. Create your podcast upload it to podcast episode plugin page and publish it. plugin will automatically feed it to the podcast platform for listeners.